Story Samosir

Once upon a time,there was a farmer named toba. He got a magic fish when he fishing at the river near his house. Toba shocked and affraid when a golden fish changed to be a beautiful woman with long hair.
“don’t be afraid. I’m a human like you. Thanks a lot you have released me from a curse.” said that woman. Toba then understood and asked her to stay at his house. After several years, they got married. But that woman had one request :”don’t tell about my past from where i am. If you can’t keep my secret, a big disaster will happen.”
Toba agreed with her request. Then they held a marriage party and got children named samosir.
Samosir grew big. He became a lazy boy. He just ate food and never worked. One day, his mother asked him to deliver food to his father at farm land, but on the way he had eaten the food. His father knew about it and angry with him. “how bad you are…! You are born from a mother fish.” hearing this, samosir ran away to the house and told it to his mother. How angry his mother is. Then she asked samosir to ran to the top of the hill because she knew a big disaster will come.
After several minutes, the river wave got higher and higher and made some villages sink down including toba. The woman then changed into a big fish. And samosir trapped on the hill. That place now known as toba lake and the hill known as samosir island.


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