Sigalegale Carnaval.

Keren nih Samosir,dalam seminggu ada dua event akbar dari Dinas Pariwisata Seni dan Budaya Kab.Samosir.
Pertama,Carnaval Sigalegale(18 Juli 2015) dan Batak Opera Night(21 Juli 2015).
Kedua event ini bernuansa budaya,jadi sangat di rekomendasikan buat teman-teman pecinta dan ingin belajar tentang budaya classik.

Jangan sampai Anda lewatkan kedua event ini,ayo rame-rame ke Samosir

The next event Horas Samosir Fiesta , in the a week there are two grand event of the Department of Tourism Arts and Culture Samosir .
First , Carnaval Sigalegale ( July 18, 2015 ) the second is IMG_1851[1]Batak Opera Night ( July 21, 2015 ) .
Both of these events cultural nuances , so it is recommended for lovers and friends wanted to learn about the culture Classik .

Lest you miss both events , come -do to Samosir

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